4 Amazing Apps for Small Business Owners

Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 4-Dec-2018

People are constantly using new technology to make their lives easier and more productive. Technology can also help small businesses run more smoothly. Here are four easy apps every small business owner should try today.

Communications- Slack

  • Slack is an instant messaging app for communicating with your team. It is easy to use and reduces the need to send emails back and forth. It allows you to quickly message one of your fellow employees and have a response in no time. You can also start with a free trial to test out the software and then upgrade to the premium version for even more helpful features.

Payroll- Wave

  • Payroll has always been a hassle until now! Wave is an easy app that helps pay your employees. There’s no more dealing with employees checks, Wave allows you to deposit money right into your employee’s bank account in a timely and reliable fashion. Wave also allows your employees to access their pay stubs, W2’s and banking information with ease.

Project Management- Asana

  • Asana is a workflow application that makes managing tasks easy from start to finish. Asana focuses on creating, organizing, assigning, and monitoring tasks all from a single platform. You are able to make checklists, priorities, and deadlines to make sure each task is completed efficiently. Each user has their own login to make the platform interactive.

Documentation- DocuSign

  • DocuSign is electronic signature software that allows you to legally sign and return documents from anywhere, anytime and on any device. It’s an easy way to make sure workflow doesn’t get slowed down waiting on that signature, plus signing is free!

Kalamata Capital Group uses multiple software applications, including some of the ones listed above, to streamline our decision-making process and generate approvals in as little as 24 hours. Our goal is to help small businesses grow and create jobs, by utilizing technology to provide fast and easy financing

If you would like Kalamata to help streamline your operations, contact one of our specialists.

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