Working Capital Financing for Restaurants

Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 28-Jan-2017

From interacting with our clients, Kalamata Capital has noticed a few common reasons why restaurants choose to apply for financing.

Time Sensitive

Restaurant owners contact Kalamata Capital when they need capital to take advantage of a time sensitive opportunity. If a piece of equipment needs to be replaced or the lease next door becomes available, getting funded through traditional banks may take months whereas Kalamata Capital can provide an approval in less than 24 hours.


Restaurant owners don’t want to take the risk in spending money on accountants and lawyers to apply for a loan from a traditional bank and not have the certainty it will close or that it will be approved in time. With Kalamata Capital, they can receive approvals up to $750,000 in less than 24 hours. The application process is simple.


Restaurant owners don’t have the time to complete everything required for a traditional loan - fill out lots of paperwork, gather all types of documents, hire and deal with advisors and prepare projections and business plans. Most of Kalamata Capital’s clients are busy and working long hours to make their business a success.

Years in Business

Many traditional banks require several years in business, even to be considered. Kalamata Capital requires only 1 year in business to qualify for financing.

Focus on Cash Flow

Most traditional banks focus on collateral (e.g. Real Estate) or personal credit scores. Kalamata Capital focuses on the business’ cash flow. So restaurant owners without collateral or personal credit scores that may have been negatively impacted by an extraordinary event can apply for financing from Kalamata Capital.

High deposit frequency, high inventory turnover, and low account receivables make restaurants strong candidates for financing with Kalamata Capital.

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