Pokémon Go: How Small Businesses Can Capitalize on Fads

Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 26-Jul-2016

Pokémon Go is taking over and savvy business owners are seeing large spikes in sales.

The cell phone application is an augmented reality game allowing users to explore local parks and landmarks to catch different Pokémon. The game was created to get people out of the house and walking around. As a result, mass amounts of customers are flooding local retail and restaurant hot spots in order to play the game. Town centers, parks, and cities are ideal locations for Pokémon users because they have a lot of PokéStops. A Pokéstop is a landmark users check into every five minutes to gather supplies needed to play the game.

Businesses all over are starting to take advantage of the flash fad. McDonalds has partnered with Pokémon Go’s developing company, Niantic, to make their restaurants designated areas where users can meet up and battle each other. Yelp has started listing whether a restaurant has a Pokéstop nearby. Restaurants are starting to make Pokémon menu items.

Here are a few ways small businesses can take capitalize on the large consumer base:

  • Offer discounts for Pokémon Go users
  • Make a Pokémon related sign
    • Try and interact with customers to find out the most rare Pokémon in the area.
    • Advertise that the Pokémon can be found inside
  • Download the app to find out if there is a Pokéstop in your area
  • Offer free Wi-Fi inside the shop
  • Offer cell phone charging stations
  • Pay for a Pokémon lure for a nearby Pokéstop
    • Lures are used to attract Pokémon to a specific area
    • Small business owners are using Lures to get customers to the area
    • Each lure costs $.99 and lasts for 30 minutes

These are just a few ways to attract Pokémon Go users to your store. Get creative to try and find ways to capitalize on the massive consumer base.

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