• FED Raising Interest Rates: How This Affects Small Businesses

    Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 25-May-2017

    In March 2017, the Federal Reserve raised the key interest rate from 0.75% to 1.0%, the second rate increase within a three month time period. FED officials anticipate two more increases in the interest rate before the end of 2017, with the goal of increasing the rate to 3.0% by the end of 2019. Even though increasing interest rates represent a growing US Economy, what does this mean for small ...
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  • How Much Financing Can Your Business Afford?

    Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 10-Apr-2017

    When applying for small business financing, business owners should think about how much the business can afford to repay. It is important not to stress cash flow. The Cash Flow Coverage Ratio can help determine a responsible funding amount. Cash Flow Coverage Calculating Cash flow coverage will help business owners determine an affordable payment size based on monthly cash flow. The formula ...
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  • Working Capital Financing for Restaurants

    Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 28-Jan-2017

    From interacting with our clients, Kalamata Capital has noticed a few common reasons why restaurants choose to apply for financing. Time Sensitive Restaurant owners contact Kalamata Capital when they need capital to take advantage of a time sensitive opportunity. If a piece of equipment needs to be replaced or the lease next door becomes available, getting funded through traditional banks may take ...
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  • Calculating Personal Credit Score

    Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 8-Dec-2016

    Credit scores use data from an individual’s credit profile to classify the individual’s ability to pay back debt. Credit scores are used in almost every lending decision. This blog will look into what categories are used to calculate a credit score in order to help people understand how to maintain a strong score. Overview In general, credit scores range between 300 and 850; scores ...
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  • How Lenders Evaluate Time In Business

    Posted By Kalamata Capital LLC || 29-Aug-2016

    Statistics show that 50% of businesses fail before reaching the five-year mark. Traditional banks are risk averse and typically err on the side of caution, avoiding loans to businesses less than five years old. In the eyes of a lender, young companies are categorized as high risk for the following reasons. Credit Profile is too “Thin” The longer a company is in business, the more ...
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